If your plans have changed and you need to modify the end date for your campaign, it’s easy to adjust dates as long as your campaign is still active.

Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Go to your campaigns in the left menu (the megaphone icon).
  2. Click the title of the campaign you're working on.
  3. Navigate to the section in campaign setup where you set your dates initially, and update the dates/times as needed (Note: Dates are set in different sections depending on your campaign type).
  4. Use the 'SAVE' button at the bottom to save your new dates to your campaign.

Here is where you will find the end date depending on your campaign type.

  • Raffles and Sweepstakes – Look for “stop selling tickets on” and change the date here.
  • A-thon – Look for the card “how long will your campaign run?”
  • Events – Look for the card “when does your event start and end?”
  • Auctions – Look for the card “when does your auction start and end?”
  • Sales – Look for the card “when will your sale end?”
  • Crowdfunding – Look for the card “how long will your campaign run?”

Good to know:

  • You can't extend your campaign if it's already been completed or closed, so be sure to plan ahead if you anticipate changing your campaign's end date before it’s complete.
  • You'll receive a reminder email 48 hours before your campaign closes. During this time, you’ll still have the opportunity to extend the end date if needed.
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