If you’re selling paper raffle entries offline in addition to the tickets being sold online, you’ll need to add these sales into RallyUp. This will ensure all entries are included in your winner drawing. 

How to add paper entries to your raffle:

  1. Go to your "Campaigns" in the left menu (the megaphone icon).
  2. Click the title of the campaign you're working on. 
  3. In the menu, click "Enter Physical Entries".
  4. Click the ACTIONS button in the upper right.
  5. Click "Add Sold Entry to add a single entry. Or, click "Import Entries" to add many entries at once.

Good to know:

  • The system will ask for the start and end number for the entries that were sold for each person. We'll use this to determine how many entries to issue each person. 
  • If you plan to sell many paper entries, we recommend downloading our import template when your campaign starts. This will allow you to log all sales right into the template and import them later in just a few clicks, rather than one at a time.
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