When you've signed up as a member, team, student, or another type of participant through a RallyUp campaign, you use a sharable link for your fundraising page to garner attention within your network of friends and family. Each campaign participant receives a personal fundraising page with their own special link, and donations made through your unique link will credit your amount raised. 

Note: Below we'll use the term "members" and "teams," but this terminology may be different depending on your campaign settings.

How to share your link

  1. Go to my account
  2. Click on the my members or my teams tab (depending on whether you're trying to share a member or team's link).
  3. Find who you're looking for in the list and click on their name. This will open up the personal dashboard.
  4. In the sharing area, click on the buttons to share your link on Facebook or Twitter. The green icon allows you to get a copy of the link to share on other social media platforms or include in an email to family and friends.

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