There may be times when you notice a donation is made on your campaign but it doesn’t immediately appear on the list of donations shown on your campaign page. This can seem alarming but there is an explanation.

In order to ensure that donations are processed correctly and that your campaign page can withstand high amounts of traffic, each donation made to a campaign is placed in a to-do queue for our system.Our system will go through this queue every 5 minutes to update your campaign page with the new donations, which may result in a 5-10 minute delay from the time the donations are received to when they are reflected on the campaign page. 

There are 2 ways to verify if a donation has been successfully made. 

  1. Ask the donor if they have received a confirmation email for their donation. Let them know to check both their inbox and spam folder. Automated emails can sometimes be routed to spam folders depending on the security settings on the recipient’s end.

  2. Search for their name in the list of donations on your campaign.

If the donor cannot find the confirmation email and you do not see their name in the list of donations, then the transaction did not go through. Please ask them to retry their donation. If you do see their name on the list of donations, you can resend their confirmation receipt.

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