If you're a 501(c)(3) organization and have set up direct funding to receive the funds you raise through RallyUp, you may be eligible for a nonprofit discount on processing fees through Stripe.

If you haven't already received this discount, click here to see how your organization can apply. Note that your organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) to qualify for the discount. 

Once Stripe confirms your discounted fee, you'll need to update your RallyUp settings to reflect it. Your processing account is managed exclusively by Stripe, so RallyUp won’t know what your fee is unless you enter it.

Here's how to update your Stripe processing fee in RallyUp:

  1. Go to your settings page
  2. Click on manage funding options
  3. In the card at the top, click 'MORE OPTIONS.'
  4. Enter your standard credit card processing fee and your American Express credit card processing fee (if you aren't sure what to enter here, check with Stripe Support).
  5. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page to apply these changes to your account.
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