Apple Pay and Google Pay allow donors to quickly donate to your fundraisers on their smartphones without having to manually enter their credit card number. Since many donors are likely to find your campaign through their smartphones, having Apple Pay and Google Pay as available payment options can be helpful for maximizing donations. 

Apple Pay and Google Pay are automatically enabled as payment options, so you won’t have to do anything differently to accept payments for your campaign through these methods. With that said, this guide is a helpful resource for anyone who may have questions about donating with Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Here’s how these options work and how they can be used for your campaigns.

How donors pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Donors can use Apple Pay or Google Pay by:

  1. Entering checkout normally from your campaign page

  2. Choosing Apple Pay or Google Pay in the payment section of checkout

  3. Completing the transaction with one-click (no need type out a credit card number).

Check out this short video to see how it works:

Note: Donors will need to already have set up Apple Pay or set up Google Pay on their devices to see these options in checkout.


RallyUp will automatically detect what kind of device your donor is using and display Apple Pay or Google Pay options accordingly. 

Apple Pay works with:

  • iPhones

  • iPads 

  • Macs using the Safari web browser

Google Pay works with:

  • Android phones 

  • Chrome web browser

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