If you've connected your PayPal account to your organization but it's not showing as an option for your donors in the checkout process, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons:

You're running a raffle or sweepstakes campaign 

PayPal does not allow their payment option for raffles or sweepstakes. 

Because of this, PayPal won't show as an option for your donors within these campaign types.

You haven't enabled PayPal in campaign setup

If you're not running a raffle or sweepstakes and you've linked your PayPal account to your organization, you'll still need to enable PayPal as a payment method for each fundraiser manually. It will not appear as a payment option for your donors until you have completed this step.

How to enable PayPal in campaign setup:

  1. Go to your campaigns in the left menu (the megaphone icon).
  2. Click the title of the campaign you're working on, then click EDIT.
  3. Go to the donations section of setup.
  4. Scroll down to the card with payment options and check the box for PayPal

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