Through RallyUp’s raffle fundraisers, you’ll sell entries to win prizes online. You’ll also have the option to sell physical paper tickets offline if it suits your fundraising activities. Find out how to run a raffle with both online digital entries and offline paper tickets through RallyUp. 

RallyUp can help you run raffles in which you sell both digital entries (online) and paper tickets. Any offline ticket sales are entered manually into the campaign to be included in the drawing. Learn more on how to enter the paper tickets sold here.

The drawing can be handled in two ways:

  1. RallyUp draws the winners – After you sell physical tickets offline, enter them into the system later so they are combined with your online entries sold.  Learn more about having RallyUp draw your winners here.
  2. You draw the winners outside of RallyUp - Export the digital entries that you sold online through RallyUp and combine them with your offline tickets sold. Learn more about exporting digital entries to draw winners on your own here.  

Use Text-to-Give as an alternative to paper tickets

If you want to sell offline tickets because you need a way to sell entries in-person or at a live event, consider enabling our Text-to-Give option as an alternative to physical paper tickets. Text-to-Give is a free option that will allow you to sell raffle entries at live events or in-person without the administrative hassle of paper tickets. Text-to-Give allows your donors to text a keyword to our phone number. They will then receive a text back with a link to your campaign. They can use this link to make their donation in exchange for one or more entries right from their phones whenever they are ready. 

You can use Text-to-Give at live events, in printed materials, and in other places where having donors type a long link isn't ideal.

Text-to-Give is one of the easiest ways to handle in-person entry sales because it's paperless and all-digital. Eliminate the need to enter a large stack of tickets sold into RallyUp later and enable Text-to-Give today. 

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