When team fundraising is enabled, participants and teams will receive an email when they register on your campaign. They will also receive this email if you’ve enabled the option to have it sent when you add participants manually from your campaign management menu. This email contains important information your teams or participants will need for fundraising. Sometimes, these emails can wind up in recipients’ junk folders, depending on their email security settings. If they haven't received the email, have them check their junk folder before moving on to the following steps.

Note: In this article we'll use the terms "participants" and "teams", but this terminology could be different depending on your campaign settings (e.g., students, runners, etc.).

How to resend the registration email

While it is currently not possible to resend the original registration email after a participant or team has been added to your campaign, we're working on adding this capability soon.

It is possible to manually resend the registration email by deleting and re-adding your participants and/or teams. However, we don't recommend doing this if your participants or teams have already received donations. 

Follow the instructions below to resend the email by deleting and re-adding teams or participants, if necessary:

  1. Click campaigns in the left menu. (the megaphone icon)
  2. Click the title of the campaign you’re working on.
  3. Click view participants or view teams on your campaign management menu. 
  4. Click the checkbox in the upper left header of the table, then click the “select all records” checkbox that appears. 
  5. In the ACTIONS menu, select delete participants
  6. Re-add or re-import your participants. Be sure to select the notify this participant that they were added checkbox. 

The registration emails will be sent to the email addresses you provided when adding your participants or teams. 

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