Adding FAQs is a helpful way to answer questions your supporters are likely to ask right on your fundraising page. Donors may be more willing to participate in your fundraiser if they understand how it works. This may also reduce the volume of direct inquiries you receive from potential and existing supporters. 

FAQs can be added to any campaign type that you run on RallyUp. Here is how you can add FAQ's:

  1. Click on my campaigns in the left menu.

  2. If you have chosen list view, click on the title of the campaign. If you have chosen grid view, click on the image.

  3. Click edit campaign*.

  4. Click on advanced options in the timeline at the top.

  5. Click page options*.

  6. Look for this box to add your FAQ’s:

  7. Click create an FAQ.
  8. Enter the title of the question and the answer and click

Note: Terminology on these buttons may be different according to the terminology that you’ve chosen for your campaign.

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