RallyUp offers many options for customizing your campaign to fit your unique fundraising practices. If you have prizes in multiple quantities, it’s simple to select more than one winner. To do so, you’ll simply change the "quantity available" for the prize. By indicating the quantity you have available for each prize, you’ll enable the system to draw multiple winners. At the end of your campaign, winners will then be drawn in the quantity you have available for that prize. 

Here are the steps for setting the quantity available for your prize:

  1. Open setup for your campaign and navigate to the raffle (or sweepstakes) section.
  2. Click edit on the prize you would like to draw multiple winners for.
  3. Click more options
  4. Click the checkbox that says “more than one of this prize is available.” 
  5. Enter the quantity available.
  6. Click "save".

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