If you’re interested in gathering more information from your donors, you can add custom fields to your donor checkout page. These fields are useful for asking donors questions in checkout such as, "How did you hear about this campaign?" You might also need to collect information from them such as dietary restrictions or preferences. There is no limit on the number of custom fields you can create, so feel free to add more than one. 

How to add custom fields to your campaign:

  1. Click my campaigns in the left menu.

  2. If you have chosen list view, click on the title of your campaign. If you have chosen grid view, click on the campaign image.

  3. Click edit campaign*.

  4. Click on advanced options in the timeline at the top.

  5. Click checkout options. 

  6. On the card entitled add custom fields to collect supporter information*, click create a custom field.

  7. Enter the question or custom field title. Note that this is what will display to donors in checkout.

  8. Use the checkbox to make this custom field required or optional. If you make the field required, donors will be obligated to provide a response before moving forward with their donation.

  9. Click save at the bottom of the page to apply your changes.

Here is where the custom field will show in the checkout process:

Click here to find out how to export the information you collect from donors.

*Note: Terminology on these buttons may be different according to the terminology that you’ve chosen for your campaign.

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