Sharing your fundraising page with a select group of people before it goes live is a great way to get feedback or approval in advance. There are a couple of simple ways to do this.

1. Add people as campaign administrators

When you add someone as an administrator on your campaign, they will be able to use the preview button to view your fundraiser even before it’s published. 

Administrators also have the ability to edit the campaign and will receive campaign correspondence from RallyUp and/or donors. This option works well when you’re comfortable with sharing admin privileges with another person and don't mind giving them access to the campaign management menu.

How to add administrators to your campaign.

2. Publish your campaign.

If you need to show a group of people your campaign but don't necessarily want to share admin privileges with all of them, you can publish your campaign and send them a link to your fundraiser.

When using this method, please contact us first so that we can freeze your campaign and leave it in an unapproved status when you publish it. This helps to ensure that we can return your campaign to draft status if you would like to make changes after it is reviewed. Freezing the campaign also ensures that no donations can be made on your campaign until you’re ready. 

Good to Know

When contacting RallyUp to freeze or unfreeze your campaign, please give us a couple of hours’ notice before you need the campaign to go live.If you need the campaign live on the weekend, please contact us the day before.

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