RallyUp makes it easy to run a 50/50 or "split the pot" raffle. With these unique types of raffles, both the organization and the raffle winner receive half of the total funds raised for the campaign. Your online 50/50 raffle page will allow donors to purchase entries, and our system can automatically draw a winner for your convenience. Then, your organization will collect the funds and you can distribute the appropriate amount to the winner(s) at the end of your fundraiser.

How a 50/50 raffle works on RallyUp

  1. First, you'll build your raffle using our simple setup menu. When listing your prizes, you'll add a prize with a title such as: "Win 50% of the proceeds in cash."
  2. After your campaign is approved and goes live, people will visit your page to purchase entries into the 50/50 drawing. Learn more about how entries work here.
  3. After and your campaign has ended, RallyUp can automatically draw your winner(s) for you.
  4. Your organization will receive the total amount of funds raised. Upon receipt, you can distribute the split of the proceeds to your winner(s). Their contact information will be emailed to you once your campaign has ended.

Note: As you can see above, RallyUp does not automatically split the funds on your behalf. Due to IRS regulations, the funds from a raffle must go directly to a qualified 501c tax-exempt organization. For this reason, your organization must collect the funds directly and then distribute the appropriate amount to your winner(s) later.

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