Most RallyUp campaigns require a short amount of time for review. We use this period to verify all fundraising efforts are within compliance and that no fraudulent activities are being performed. 

Once the review period has ended, you'll know your campaign is live if donors can click the “donate” buttons in your campaign’s banner. To test this, access your fundraiser page while logged out of your RallyUp campaign or by navigating to your campaign page from a different browser where you're not logged in, such as a tablet or smartphone. Click on the donate buttons to see if they’re enabled. Here’s how you can log out of your RallyUp account:

  1. Click on the circle with your initials in the upper right corner.

  2. Click ‘sign out’.

If these buttons are disabled and you can't click on them, this means your fundraiser is not live just yet. Don’t worry, though—your campaign will be live as soon as you’ve published it and we have approved it. 

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