RallyUp offers many options for personalizing your campaign settings. For raffles and sweepstakes run through  RallyUp, there are several options available for notifying entrants who participated in your fundraiser but did not win a prize. You can access the following options in your campaign setup menu under the raffle or sweepstakes page:

  • Automatically notify non-winners by email on a specified date and time
  • Don't notify non-winners
  • Include a list of winner’s names in the non-winner email.

Which one should I choose?

The automatic option is useful for notifying all entrants who entered for a prize but did not win. These email notifications can be triggered at a specific date and time, such as directly after your winners were drawn.  This is the default setting for raffle and sweepstakes fundraisers. You might select this option to minimize confusion or inquiries about who won. 

You can also optionally include the winner(s)’ names in your emails to non-winners. This can also help you avoid a heavy influx of donor questions. Be mindful of staying in line with your fundraising privacy policies; however—donors should be made aware that their identity may be shared if they win a prize.

With that said, the "don't notify non-winners" option is ideal for keeping the winner(s)' names private. This option is also fitting if you’ve announced winners at an in-person event and non-winners don't need to be notified.

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