RallyUp provides participant centers separate from campaign pages as a central place to facilitate team fundraising features. While your main campaign page is meant to encourage visitors to donate, the participant center gives members and teams a place to get involved and stay updated on fundraising progress.

Within your participant center, you’ll find:

  1. A simple, seamless sign up process for participants and/or teams (if you’ve selected public registration)
  2. A central location where you can post updates on campaign progress, events, and other noteworthy news for participants and/or teams
  3. Optional leaderboards to track participant and team fundraising progress to support a fun and engaging competition
  4. A section to post prizes exclusively for your participants and teams, if desired

If you’ve enabled team fundraising, you'll be able to set up your participant center while setting up your campaign. Your participant center will also have its own URL which you can customize. A unique URL makes it easy to direct potential participants right to your campaign’s signup page.

Here are some other resources that you can use to further customize your participant center:

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