On a raffle campaign run through RallyUp, the drawing for each of your available prizes occurs only once, and at the same time for all prizes. If you would like to draw prize winners at different times, you can set up multiple fundraisers to do so. Just create a separate fundraiser for each prize you would like to draw at a specific time.On the other hand, if you wish to give away multiple prizes but are content with having them all drawn at the same time, one raffle campaign will suffice.

There’s also another option to consider: If you prefer to have all of your prizes listed on one single fundraising page but would like drawings to happen at different times, you can draw your winners manually outside of the RallyUp system.

Each time you would like to have a drawing, you can export the entry information from the view donations page of your management menu and conduct the drawing manually. This export will provide you with the entry numbers for each donor, which you can use to conduct a drawing on your own any way you see fit.  

Just be sure that you’ve selected the option to manually draw your winners without using RallyUp when you set up your fundraiser.

Note: There is not a way to run a manual drawing for sweepstakes campaigns. 

Find out how to export your donations when you’re ready to complete a manual drawing with this help article

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