RallyUp takes the privacy of donors, participants, and all individuals and organizations using our platform seriously. For this reason, we make it easy to keep participants’ last names hidden from public pages. Learn more about how you can enable this useful option for your fundraiser below. 

If you’ve enabled team fundraising for your campaign, it's easy to hide the last names of your participants to add an extra layer of security and privacy. This option is particularly useful for student participants or fundraisers run among private groups, such as organizations with sensitive information or high security levels. 

How to hide participant's last names

  1. Go to your campaigns (the megaphone icon in the left menu).
  2. Click on your campaign, then click edit
  3. Go to advanced options in the timeline at the top, then click team fundraising options. 
  4. Find the heading titled, “Customize the information displayed with your team fundraising participants.” 
  5. Select the checkbox for “Display only the first name and last initial.” 
  6. Click SAVE at the bottom to apply your changes.

After you’ve made these changes, this is how your participants’ names will appear on the page:

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