RallyUp uses a certified randomization algorithm to draw winners on raffle and sweepstakes campaigns. This ensures fairness and promotes ethical fundraising practices. Take an in-depth look at how winners are drawn below.

When Participants enter to win any prize

When donors enter to win any prize, all entries purchased are put into one entry pool.For each prize, a random number generator will randomly select an entry number from the pool. The selected entry is then matched to a prize. This winning entry is then eliminated entirely from the entry pool, so that specific entry is no longer eligible for any prize. This process will continue until all prizes have winners.

Example: Alice purchases 10 entries to the drawing.Her entry numbers are W10-W19.Alice wins prize #1 with entry W15.This entry, W15, is eliminated from the entry pool and is no longer eligible to win any remaining prizes. But Alice still has 9 remaining entries (W10-W14, W16-W19) in the pool, and she is therefore still eligible to win any of the remaining prizes. 

If there are multiple quantities of prize #1 available, Alice will not be able to win any of the remaining quantity available.

Enter to win a specific prize

If you’ve set up your campaign so that donors can enter to win a specific prize, each prize will have a separate pool of entries. Each pool consists of all the entries purchased for that specific prize. For each prize, an entry number is randomly generated to determine the winner of that prize. If there are multiple quantities of a prize available, then the random generator will run for each quantity available. A donor who purchases multiple entries on a prize with more than one available will only be able to win that prize once.

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