Registering your organization or group on RallyUp takes just a few minutes. After you register, you’ll have the ability to apply your own branding, set up creative fundraising experiences, invite teammates, and configure a home page for your supporters. 

 This short video will give you the basics. 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Get started here and select I’m from a nonprofit or group.
  2. Enter your name and work email, and set a password to login. 
  3. From your home page, click register your organization.  
  4. Find your organization by name or EIN number, or simply add it to the list. 
  5. Choose how you would like RallyUp to verify your affiliation with the organization.
  6. Select how you want to receive the funds you raise (learn more).
  7. Click Create Account. 

Next Steps: 

  • Complete your organization profile to add your logo, a description of your organization, social media links, and more! (learn more)
  • Customize the look of your pages using our branding options to set your organization colors, custom header, subdomain and terminology. (learn more)
  • Invite teammates to help manage your account. (learn more)
  • Invite advocates to create fundraising campaigns on your behalf (learn more).
  • Customize your supporter center and donation page(s). (learn more)
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