Sometimes, campaign managers may notice a “failed” status associated with certain transactions for a-thon or auction fundraisers. Find out what could be causing failed transactions here.  

Once you’ve finalized your a-thon or auction fundraiser, donors will automatically be charged via Stripe, our credit card processing partner. Sometimes, the charge is unable to be processed. In these cases, a “failed” status will be shown next to the transaction. This status is triggered by an error returned from the donor’s bank or card issuer. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why a transaction may fail to process: 

  • Insufficient funds in the donor’s account balance

  • The card has expired or become inactive at some point after the initial donation was made

  • The card used has been flagged as fraudulent by Stripe

You can pinpoint the exact reason an error was returned from the card issuer or bank by following the steps below. 

How to view failed payment details:

  1. Go to your campaigns in the left menu (the megaphone icon).

  2. Click the title of the campaign you're working on.

  3. Click on "view donations."* 

  4. Find the payment in “failed” status. You can use the filters at the top of the “status” column to filter the table to display all “failed” status payments.

  5. In the three-dot menu on the right of each row, click "view failed reason." 

The pop-up box you see here will indicate the failure reason that was returned to us by the card issuer or bank upon attempting to charge the donor’s card. 

What you can do next:

After you’ve determined the reason a donation has failed, you can contact the donor to follow up on their failed payment. To move forward, donations can be made by cash, check, or credit card, and then added to the campaign manually. For example, your donor can mail a check or provide updated credit card information over the phone. 

Find out how to add these donations to your campaign with the helpful links below.

Add donations you've received offline
How to manually charge a donor's credit card through your campaign

*Note that the terminology on these buttons may be different depending on your campaign settings

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