With a RallyUp fundraiser, the term “pledge” can mean several different things. People can "pledge" with a one-time donation, a recurring donation, or a per-unit-of-activity donation. There are a couple of options for running a pledge campaign, depending on the type of donations that you want to include in your fundraiser.

Here are the two pledge campaign types that can be used on RallyUp:

  • A-thon – per-unit-of-activity donations as well as one-time donations

  • Crowdfunding – one-time donations and recurring donations

If you are running a jog-a-thon, spell-a-thon, or other similar type of fundraiser that has participants but you only want to accept one-time donations, you will want to choose a crowdfunding campaign with the team fundraising enabled. This will allow people to join the campaign to help raise funds, but the donations will be immediate and won’t depend upon the activity results of the participants.

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