Google Analytics is a web activity tracking tool that provides insights into visitor characteristics and behaviors when people visit a website. 

If you have registered an organization on RallyUp, you can add Google Analytics to your campaign pages to:

  • View real-time information about how many users are on your campaign pages at any given moment

  • Analyze the demographics (age, gender, location, etc.) of users who visit your pages

  • Understand user behavior on your campaign pages, including session durations and bounce rates (how many viewers leave your site after viewing only one page)

  • Track the source of traffic (e.g., if they came from a social media link)

These insights can help you determine where you may need to strengthen your campaign advertising efforts. For instance, you can use different platforms to target different age groups, geographic locations, and other communities. 

To learn how to add Google Analytics to your organization's campaigns, check out our help article: How to set up Google Analytics

You can also learn more about Google Analytics on their website. 

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