There may be times throughout your auction campaign when you’ll want to monitor activity on a certain item to see who’s bidding on it. RallyUp makes it easy to see a list of who bid on each item, whose bid is in the winning place for a specific item, and all of the participants who have bid on an item. This information can be accessed conveniently by running specific reports from your campaign. Here are a few ways you can use these findings to boost the success of your auction:

  • Send an email to winning bidders to remind them of the upcoming end date.
  • Send emails to individuals who have been outbid to let them know there’s still time to increase their bid and regain a winning position.
  • Find out which items are the most popular, have the most bids, or have the least number of bids. Learn more about how to promote individual items on your campaign here. 

Follow the steps below to access this valuable information for your auction. 

How to view a list of bids:

  1. Go to your campaigns list and click on the title of your auction.
  2. Click “view auction bids.”
  3. Under the “bids” tab, you’ll find a list of all bids your auction has received. This is useful for determining which items have the least amount of activity, and could therefore use a promotional boost to gather more bids.

How to view a list of bidders:

  1. Go to your campaigns list and click the title of your auction.
  2. Click “view auction bids.”
  3. Click the “bidders” tab at the top to view a list of all bidders on your auction. This list helps you pinpoint the most active bidders, to whom you may want to send reminders about upcoming auction end dates. 

Good to know:

  • On the “bids” tab, you can use the dropdown menu in the upper right to see bids for all items. You can also follow this process to see bids for a specific item. 
  • You can also export a report of your bids and auction items by using the “export bids” or “export items” buttons in the lower left of the table. These will provide a detailed report of all items and bids on your auction, as well as their current status.
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