Enabling team fundraising on your campaign is an excellent way to get others to help you raise funds. You can also incentivize fundraising success among those helping you by adding prizes for participants or teams that raise the most the funds. Whether it’s a pizza party for the class that raises the most, an iPad for the most successful individual, or $50 Amazon gift cards for the top 3 participants, adding prizes is a great way to motivate people to share your campaign.

How to add prizes to your campaign:

  1. Go to your campaigns.
  2. Click on your campaign, then click edit campaign*.
  3. Go to the team fundraising section of setup in the timeline at the top.
  4. After enabling team fundraising, select the options for participants and teams (if applicable).
  5. Check the box yes, I want to offer prizes for their fundraising efforts.

6. Click NEXT at the bottom of the page.
7. Under the prizes section, you will be able to create prizes based on the amounts raised by participants, teams, or both.

Prizes can be listed in the participant center. This way, people who sign up for your campaign will be able to see the available prizes to win. If you prefer, there is also an option to hide prizes from the public, and only display the prizes to the participants on your campaign. Learn more.

After the campaign has finished, you can view the prize winners from your campaign management menu. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your campaigns.
  2. Click on your campaign, then click view prize winners.

Good to know:

  • You can add prizes for participants/teams before or after your fundraiser has been published.

*Note: this terminology may differ depending on the terms selected in your campaign setup.

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