Campaigns such as raffles, sweepstakes, and auctions allow people to receive items in exchange for their donations. There may be times when a supporter is not eligible for the drawing or would prefer to simply make a donation to the cause without receiving anything in return. We have provided an option to add this feature to your campaign.

How to enable this option:

  1. Click campaigns on the left (megaphone icon).
  2. Click the name of the campaign.
  3. Click edit fundraiser*.
  4. Click options on the timeline at the top
  5. Click checkout options.
  6. Scroll down to find the box entitled, customize supporter checkout.
  7. Check the box entitled, give supporters the option to donate without buying tickets.
  8. Click save at the bottom of the page.

Good to knows

This option is only available on campaign types where donors are offered something in return for their contribution (ex. raffles, sweepstakes, auctions, sales and events).

*Terminology could be different depending on your campaign settings.

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