When you sign up to promote a raffle or sweepstakes campaign, you can be rewarded with receive free entries into the drawing by after you’ve shareding the campaign and when people have boughtuy entries from your sharing link.You can see how many freeview the free entries you’ve earned by checking your promoter dashboard in your RallyUp account.

Here’s  is how to find your promoter dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your RallyUp account.

  2. Click view my account.

  3. Click the my referrals tab.

  4. Click the name of the campaign that you helped promote. This will bring up your promoter dashboard.

Good to know:

The dashboard will often take a few minutes to update once you have earned free entries. If you think you are missing some entries that should have been posted, consider waiting a few minutes and refreshing the page. 

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