When registering your organization, you were given the option to select a funding method to receive the funds raised through any campaigns that you run. The two options available are direct and deferred funding, which you can learn about here. If you want to change that option, see if your direct funding account is linked, or you simply can’t remember which option you chose, you can easily find your funding method information in your RallyUp account. 

How to find the funding option selected:

  1. Click funding in the left menu.
  2. Look for this card to see which funding option you’ve selected:

If you’re creating a direct funding account for the first time, you’ll see the card below. Once your first campaign is published, you will receive an email from RallyUp and Stripe with instructions for activating your account. This is a one-time step and does not need to be done for every campaign you publish.

The card below will show after your direct funding account is activated. This indicates that your direct funding account is linked and ready to receive payments for your campaigns.

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