If you’re organizing an event campaign, you’ll have the option to enforce some limitations to fit the needs of your fundraiser. For example, you can create a registration that remains open for the entire time leading up to the event, or for a limited amount of time. You can also limit the number of individuals who register for your event and allow signup on a first-come, first-served basis, which is useful for controlling capacity when needed. RallyUp makes it simple to customize your fundraiser with the following options. 

Limited-time registrations

If you’re hosting a large-scale event such as a gala or conference and need to get a headcount in advance, you may want to select a limited-time registration option for planning purposes. Or, you might want to encourage early sign-ups for your banquet to generate excitement and ensure a good turnout. In this scenario, you could offer an early-bird registration at a discounted price for a limited time. Should you choose to use a limited-time registration, you can select an advanced date so that the registration window becomes live during your campaign. The registration won’t show until the start date, and once the window has closed and registration is no longer available, it will no longer appear on your campaign page.

Limited-quantity registrations

Limited-quantity registrations can also be useful for event planning and for generating excitement among prospective participants. Limiting the number of guests gives your event an exclusive feel, and may encourage donors to purchase their tickets early so they don’t miss out. This option can also be useful if you’re holding an event at a location where an occupancy limit will be enforced. Another useful way to use limited-quantity registration is to offer a select number of VIP registrations.

After the limit has been reached, the registration will still appear on your campaign page, but the purchase option will no longer be enabled. 

Here’s how to set up a limited-time or limited-quantity registration: 

  1. Go to my campaigns.
  2. Click on the title of the campaign.
  3. Click edit fundraiser.
  4. Click event on the timeline at the top.
  5. Click create registration.
  6. Click more options to select limited time and/or quantity.
  7. Click save when done.

Here’s what you’ll see when you click more options. The options for limiting the time or quantity for the registration appear at the bottom: 

*Note: Terminology may be different depending on the option selected in your campaign settings.

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