For certain types of fundraisers, there may be instances in which you need to limit eligible participants to certain geographical regions. For example, you might be holding a raffle which only allows state residents to participate. Some sweepstakes may also have restricted eligibility requirements, such as only allowing participants from the U.S. 

In these cases, there are simple ways to set parameters for geographic locations so that only donors from specific areas can participate in your campaign.

Here’s how to limit geographic areas for donors on a campaign:

  1. Use Stripe Radar for Fraud: While RallyUp does not offer the ability to limit purchases made based on location for a campaign, Stripe does offer this service. If you have linked a Stripe account (using direct funding) to collect the funds raised on your campaign, you can create rules in your Stripe account if you have enabled Stripe Radar for Fraud Teams. Please contact Stripe directly for more information on setting up this function and establishing location controls. (Note: This feature is only available if you’ve set up direct funding; deferred funding campaigns will not have access to this capability.)
  1. Alert donors of geographic restrictions:  On a RallyUp campaign, you can enable a special notice in the checkout process to inform purchasers of geographic restrictions. This will add an extra step in the checkout process, and you can even enable a click box which will require donors to accept the terms set forth before moving on in the checkout process. Learn how to add this notice to your campaign checkout here.  This feature can be used in conjunction with Stripe Radar or separately.
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