Sweepstakes differ from raffles in the fact that they do not allow for any physical entries or paper tickets to be sold. While raffles may offer the sale of paper tickets in person, sweepstakes do not have the ability to make these ticket sales and then add them into the drawing; only online entries are allowed. This is because sweepstakes have strict legal requirements. In particular, there must be a method of free entry presented to the purchaser at the point of sale. Because RallyUp cannot guarantee a free method for sweepstakes entries if in-person sales were being conducted, we can only offer online entries as an option. Moreover, restricting sweepstakes to online-only entries protects your organization in the event of a campaign audit by a government agency. Of course, this option also helps to ensure your campaign raises more funds: if participants were presented with a free option for sweepstakes entries in-person, they’d likely go with that choice instead of purchasing entries. This would have a direct impact on the amount raised by the organization, but online-only entries allow you to sidestep the issue.

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