What is Stripe?

Stripe is the credit card processor through which the majority of credit card transactions on RallyUp are conducted. Stripe is a trusted PCI Level 1 processor that transacts billions of dollars every year for some of the world’s largest companies. 

Is RallyUp secure?

How much do they charge?

Stripe does charge a fee for the processing of payments. Find information about Stripe’s processing fees via the links below. 

How much are the credit card processing fees?

Who receives the credit card processing fees?

What is the “application fee” in my Stripe account?

What is the Stripe discount for nonprofits?

Stripe offers a discounted fee to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are generally eligible for a discount of up to .7%. To receive the discounted rate, you can contact Stripe at nonprofit@stripe.com. Once a discount is negotiated, update the Stripe fee in the funding section of your account so that the reports generated by RallyUp will accurately reflect the new Stripe fees.

How do I update credit card processing fees?

I haven’t heard from Stripe about my nonprofit discount

In addition to creating a new Stripe account for your organization, you can also link an existing Stripe account to your RallyUp account. This will allow you to receive funds raised on your campaign directly into your bank account. Simply create a new Stripe account or link an existing Stripe account when you register your organization or by accessing the funding option in your RallyUp account. (Please note that this account is with Stripe, not RallyUp. Thus, the terms of this account are negotiated with Stripe, not RallyUp. When a Stripe account is linked, all payments go through this Stripe account. The funds are not routed through RallyUp at any point.)

How can I setup direct funding?

Who pays the Stripe fees?

If percent pricing is chosen on your campaign, you do have the option to pass the credit card processing fees on to the donor. Learn more about your options for deciding who pays credit card fees below.

Can I pass the credit card fees to my donors?

Are there any limitations with Stripe?

Stripe has its own terms of service. When applying for an account, Stripe will review your information to ensure that your organization is approved according to their terms of service. Stripe also audits the transactions running through your account.

How to create a Stripe account in a country not supported by Stripe

Additional Stripe Features & Restrictions to Note 

Can I run a raffle with a firearm as a prize? 

Can I limit the geographic areas from which people make donations on my campaign?

Why is my Stripe account in pending status?

Waiting period for first Stripe payout

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