As you may already know, Stripe is the credit card processor through which the majority of credit card transactions on RallyUp are conducted. Unfortunately, Stripe isn’t available in all the countries that the RallyUp platform does support. Currently, this includes Romania, Brazil and, Bulgaria. As of right now, Stripe is only available in these countries.

But, since Stripe is RallyUp’s designated credit card processor, an account is still required to run fundraisers - even if you’re located in one of the countries where Stripe isn’t supported!

Collecting payments in a different currency

To fundraise online with RallyUp, when you’re in a country that isn’t supported by Stripe, you need to set up an account and process payments in a currency that is supported by Stripe! Because of this, your donors may incur exchange fees if they’re donating in a different currency.

One thing to keep in mind is that RallyUp currently only supports 15 different currencies.

So, you’ll still be able to collect payments in over 135+ currencies through Stripe, but conversion fees and foreign transaction fees will apply when the donor’s currency does not match the primary currency selected in your Stripe account.

How to set up your Stripe account for fundraising in Romania, Brazil or Bulgaria

  1. Contact Stripe here to request an invite to set up an account. In your message, simply state that you’d like to create a Stripe account in your particular country.
  2. After Stripe helps you create an account, go back into your RallyUp account to register your organization.
  3. When registering your organization, click the link which says, “Already have a Stripe account? Click here.”
  4. Log in to the Stripe account you’ve created.

You will then be redirected back to RallyUp, where you can now click “Create Account” and register your organization.

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