There may come a time when you put on a fundraiser where donations are not charged immediately. For instance, an a-thon campaign where donations are charged per unit of activity after the event concludes; or an auction where the winning bid is charged at the end of the fundraiser.

Since their credit card isn’t charged until later, the transaction may fail if:

  • The limit on their card that was reached prior to the donation charge
  • The card expired between when their donation/bid/pledge was placed and when the transaction was charged
  • They froze their account as a result of misplacing their card

Thankfully, you have some options! If this happens, both the donor and organizer receive an email notification that the payment has failed. Donor and/or campaign organizers can retry the payment directly from the email in just a few clicks.

What donors can expect

If a donor makes one of the donations mentioned above, but their transaction fails:

  • They will receive an email from RallyUp informing them that their donation did not reach the organization
  • In the email, a link to a donation page is provided to quickly remake their donation
  • From the donation page, payment information can be edited, if necessary, and the donation resubmitted.

It’s that simple.

How donors can resubmit their donation

  1. In the notification email sent from RallyUp, click the ‘Update Information and Complete Payment’ button.
  2. From this page, click ‘SUBMIT PAYMENT’* to use the payment information initially entered.
  3. Click ‘EDIT’ under the ‘payment method’ section to enter new credit card information.
  4. Click ‘SUBMIT PAYMENT’.

What campaign organizers can expect

When it comes to the campaign organizer, they have full transparency into what is going on. When a donation on a campaign fails, the organizer:

  • Will receive an email notification of the failed payment(s) on their fundraiser
  • Can click the link in the email to view the failed payments
  • Will receive an email notification when a donation is successfully remade

How the organizer can retry the failed charge for the donor

Not only can the donor retry their donation after a failed transaction, but so can the organizer! Here’s how:

  1. Click on the link ‘VIEW FAILED PAYMENTS’ link in the email or go to ‘View Donations*’ in your campaign management menu.
  2. Under the ‘Status’ column, filter for failed payments.
  3. Hover your mouse over the donation you want to resubmit. In the 3 dotted menu at the right of the row, click ‘Update Payment Information’.
  4. In the box that appears, you can submit using the previous payment information or enter new payment information.

Done and done.

Give your donors a nudge

If you want to remind your donors of the failed payment to encourage a resubmission, organizers can resend donors the “Failed payment notification” email! Just click on the 3 dotted menu on the ‘View Donations’ page. Keep in mind that this will only appear in the menu for payments that are in ‘Failed’ status.

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