The answer to this question depends on which plan you select for your fundraiser:

If you select the Tip Plan

The Tip Plan already has no RallyUp fee for you or your donors. On this plan, optional donor tips fund the campaign costs. 

The only fee you'll pay on this plan is the credit card processing fee from Stripe. Their fee is automatically deducted by Stripe before each transaction hits your account. 

It is not currently possible to have your donors pay the Stripe fee when using the Tip Plan.

If you select the Percent Plan

On the Percent Plan, you can have your donors pay one or both of the below fees:

  • RallyUp Fee: This is RallyUp's processing charge that covers our cost of operation, maintenance, and support for your fundraiser. The percentage amount of this fee depends on your Campaign type. See our Pricing Page for more details. 
  • Stripe Fee: This is the standard fee for credit card processing. It's charged by Stripe, our 3rd party credit card processor partner. Their fee for nonprofits is reduced to just 2.2%+$0.30 per transaction.

How to pass the fees to your donors

You can have your donors pay these fees by selecting the correct option in the Donations section of Setup. Simply scroll down to this card and click MORE OPTIONS:

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