Campaigns are usually live and ready to launch the moment they're published. However, sometimes an approval is necessary before your Campaign can go live and take donations. We do this both to ensure that your Campaign is legally-compliant and to protect the organization from fraud. 

We typically review campaigns within a few hours hour during regular business hours. Those hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm MST.

If you've just published a Campaign and it's not live yet, these are the possible reasons why:  

You published a Sweepstakes

Due to legal regulations, there's a few extra verification steps needed to approve a sweepstakes. We'll reach out to you if there's anything we need from you to move the approval process along. 

You'll get an email the moment your Sweepstakes has been approved and is live. 

Your organization account is still under review

In order to protect the organization against fraudulent fundraising, our team reviews all organizations that are registered with us. This means that any fundraisers you've published will not be live until our team completes their review and approval of your organization. 

You will receive an email as soon as your organization account and fundraisers are approved and live.

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