In most cases, your Campaign is live and ready to accept donations as soon as you publish it. 

If you published your Campaign and it isn't able to receive donations yet, that means there are a few extra things that we’ll need to check into before it can go live. 

Our staff will review your campaign within an hour of publishing it. If you are raising funds on behalf of an organization, we are required to contact that nonprofit organization. We do this to verify information or arrange for authorization and receiving of funds. 

This can occasionally cause delays if your campaign is published outside of the nonprofit organization’s office hours, but we’ll get your campaign started for you as quickly as possible. 

If you are raising funds on behalf of an organization, it is important to have spoken to someone at the organization to let them know that you are running a campaign on their behalf.  Some organizations have specific requirements regarding this.  Speaking to the contact person that is listed in the campaign setup will also help to speedup the process of the campaign approval.

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