Pledge campaigns can contain donations that can be a flat, one time donation or donations that are made based on an activity performed. For example, in a jog-a-thon, people would be able to donate a certain dollar amount per mile run.  While both a flat donation and a per unit donation will show up in the total amount raised, there is not a way to accurately determine the per unit donation until after the event is over and the activity has been performed.  These types of donations have the asterisk next to them, indicating that the amount shown is only an estimate of what will be charged to the donor.

The estimate that is shown is based on the maximum amount that the donor indicated in making his pledge donation.  For example, Donate $1.00 per mile run up to $50.  The amount in the asterisk donation would be $50.  The actual amount would be determined after the activity results are entered and the campaign is finalized.  If the donor did not put in a maximum amount, then there will be no numerical value that will show towards the total amount raised until after the campaign is finalized.

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