When creating a raffle or sweepstakes campaign using our free Tip plan, the system will ask you to specify at least 10 entries at each price level.

We understand that that can be confusing for organizations that are used to selling a single ticket at a time when previously doing an offline raffle without RallyUp. But as we’ll explain in this article, there’s no difference in the economics.

Entries aren't the same as donations

The thing to keep in mind is that entries aren’t the same as donations. If someone purchases $25 worth of entries, it really doesn’t matter to you if they get 1 entry, 10 entries or 100 entries for the $25. Your organization gets the $25 either way.

With online fundraising, everything is all-digital and that includes the entries themselves. This means there isn't any need to stick to the way of doing offline raffles in the past where people are used to getting only "1 ticket" for their money. 

With online raffles and sweepstakes on RallyUp, you should think of the entries more as "chances into the drawing to win" rather than individual paper tickets. This means you can offer people as many entries into the drawing as you want for a specific donation amount.

There’s also a beneficial psychological effect that happens when people get a larger number of entries into the drawing for their donation amount. For example, they feel better about getting 10 entries into a drawing for their $10 than when they get only 1 entry for the same $10.

Tip pricing options

The Tip plan option for raffles and sweepstakes is based on being able to offer  entries in small quantities. This is best explained by looking at a few examples.

The Tip plan allows a donor to optionally get a few extra entries into the drawing for leaving a small tip to help pay for the costs of the campaign.

Let’s say that entries are priced at 10 for $10. A donor could offer to pay an extra dollar to get one or two “bonus” entries to pay for the campaign costs.

If the entries were priced at 1 entry for $10, there wouldn’t be a small enough quantity of entries that a donor could receive in exchange for adding a $1 tip to their purchase.

If your campaign requires that you only offer entries in quantities of 1 or if you only have a limited quantity of entries overall, no problem. Just choose to use the Percent plan instead of the Tip plan. You can then set the quantity to anything you like when using that plan.

Just remember that with the Percent plan, there is a 7.9% service fee added to each donation. On the free Tip plan, there is no fee at all charged from RallyUp.

Of course, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions on this!

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